Laurel Ferejohn


My editorial career spans more than two decades as publications manager,
managing editor, senior managing editor, and independent editor, bringing
together high editorial quality, management of teams and workflows, and the
care and feeding of schedules.

My current main areas of interest are fiction and creative nonfiction / memoir.
I offer developmental editing and copyediting of book-length manuscripts or stand-alone
shorter stories and essays. See testimonials below, and click the Contact Me tab if
you’d like to send an inquiry. Tell me about your project, the kind of editorial
assistance desired, and the word count.

Ms. Ferejohn is a thoughtful, meticulous, and insightful editor. In copyediting my memoir, she suggested elegant solutions for trouble areas I had struggled with. Her queries are on point, her explanations clear and succinct. Prompt in her deliveries, Ms. Ferejohn was the ultimate professional throughout and an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her editing services.”    — Oanh Ngo Usadi, author

I am so impressed and very grateful. You saw what I wanted to be seen in my novel, confirmed my sense of some things that need to be different (e.g., the loooonnng beginning), pointed out other things that I didn’t see, raised great questions, suggested changes, explained your recommendations, all in such a clear, thoughtful manner. Wow, more than I could wish for.   — Sara Jenkins, author

  • Projects have included:
  • literary editing
  • academic editing
  • journals in the humanities and social sciences
  • organizational communications
  • marketing copy

Laurel Ferejohn is simply the best-ever editor, friend, and guardian angel. She willingly stepped into the fray whenever I was in a panic, and saved me—often from myself. She was invariably kind, profoundly insightful, annoyingly meticulous, and—I have to admit it—always correct. My novel would not exist were it not for her generous guidance, insightful interventions, calming voice, and thoughtful comments.”   — Judy Dearlove, novelist

I know that I can send Laurel Ferejohn a journal issue on virtually any topic and will receive in return articles that have been edited with acuity, meticulous attention to detail, and a fine sense of what the author is trying to express and how best to express it. I can say with confidence that anyone who works with her will be extremely glad they did.”
— Charles Brower, Duke University Press Journals

  • Clients for contract work have included:
  • Creative writers
  • Duke University Press Journals
  • UNC School of Government
  • NC Central University
  • North Carolina Arts Council

Laurel Ferejohn’s editorial skills and professional judgment are impeccable. After an initial perusal, she plowed through my manuscript for a thorough read, creating a line-by-line colored edit via Track Changes that also pointed out strengths and weaknesses and suggested additions or subtractions. She noted narrative elements—character development, story arc, and point-of-view—and fixed inconsistencies in sentence structure, grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation. After the editing process was complete, she made herself available for additional questions and clarifications. A dearth of superlatives exists
in describing Laurel Ferejohn’s expertise as an editor.” — Luther Kirk, author

You have become my favorite ‘go to’ editor. You have a unique ability to identify awkward or incomplete phrasing and suggest more appropriate wording that completes and enhances my work.
Your meticulous eye catches the small things. Your sensitivity ensures that the thought
I intend is the one my audience will read.”    — Dea Zullo, author

It is always a challenge for any author to turn over their beloved manuscript to an editor.
You know the work could be better, but you aren’t certain how to make it that way. Enter Laurel: editor, guide, counselor and friend. She ameliorates your fear, post haste, but she doesn’t coddle. She edits with great care and attention to detail. Not only does she point out grammar, punctuation, and spelling missteps, but she also makes suggestions to clarify the narrative arc, strengthen plot, and further develop characters who need to be brought more to life on the page. In all of this, she is artful, gracious and kind. She is timely in her responses and explains all of her recommendations in a clear and concise manner. Laurel Ferejohn is an exemplary editor to whom I give my highest recommendation.”
— Dr. Barry L. Swanson, author

I have published short fiction and memoir and am completing a novel,
Rain, with a Chance of Stars
. Choose the My Writing tab for a list of my publications.



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